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Itsy Bitsy Quilting 

Washing your Quilt

Before washing any handmade quilt, check the fabric for colorfastness to prevent dyes from running. Testing is simple, wet a piece of white cloth with cold water and gently rub it over each different color or fabric in your quilt. If there is any color transfer to the white cloth, don’t wash your quilt at all; head to a professional dry cleaner. Washing will result in discoloration and fading.

Treat any stains immediately with small, equal amounts of mild soap and water.

If washing is necessary, use the delicate/gentle cycle—preferably with a front-loading machine. Wash the quilt by itself using lots of cold water and a mild laundry detergent. Adding 1⁄2 cup of white vinegar to the wash water will help keep colors bright. Rinse in cold water. Use the spin cycle to remove excess water.

Spread out a clean sheet and lay the quilt flat on top of the sheet to dry. Never line dry and do not wring. If it can’t lay flat, dry the quilt on low heat in a dryer for the first few minutes and finish by air drying.