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Itsy Bitsy Quilting 


Itsy Bitsy Quilting 

Hi there! My name is Lizzette and this is my husband Julio. I began quilting 15 years ago, when my oldest grandchild was born. I have always loved quilts.  I took a quilting class and I enjoyed everything I learned from the class. So 10 years later, I found myself awestruck all over again when I walked into a quilt store and admired the beautiful quilts adorning the walls. I was inspired to enroll in another quilting course to refresh my skills...and from then on, I was hooked!

I continued to educate myself, enrolling in more classes and learned how to operate a long arm quilting machine. Many classes (and completed quilts) later, I had made several new quilting friends and discovered a new passion for Long Arm quilting, as well as the desire to use this amazing, time-savi​ng skill to help others.  Because of this  my husband and I decided to purchased our Long-arm machine. I was was very excited when we opened our Home based shop, and I am happy to concentrate on making Itsy Bitsy Quilting shop and Longarm Quilting services the best it can be.

My philosophy is to provide high quality products with budget friendly prices, fast shipping and awesome customer service. Our prices are as close to Wholesale as you will find anywhere! 

Exceptional customer service is our goal here, whether it's for our Shoppers or our long-arm  rental customers, we want to be the best in the business.